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Top 5 things to do with your golf cart in the slow season

For most folk the off season for golf means hanging up the gear and putting away the golf car. With having to battle the cold temperatures and occasional in-climate weather it can be easy to put it away and await the warmer seasons. But there are some great things you can do with your golf…
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Best of the Best business award!

Masek is proud to receive this years Best of the Best business award! We here at Masek have worked hard to to build long lasting, quality relationships with our customers and give them the best Masek experience possible. So thank you to our amazing team for all the great work and don’t forget to check…
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Scooters, the new golf car?

Golf is an industry that has been around for hundreds of years. With deep roots in its traditions, it can be a sport that hesitates to adjust and is slow to adapt to changing times. In the world we currently live in, a time where things are changing rather rapidly, the need for a change…
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Single Rider Usage

We are entering a new world, after the closings due to the pandemic, that has many challenges and changes. Wearing masks in public is our new norm, social distancing guidelines are in place everywhere and businesses are having to figure out how to open safely. While these issues will most likely remain prominent for years…
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Masek Updates

Through these difficult times, we as a community have rallied together and as we approach the summer months, it seems we have reached the light at the end of the tunnel. Our state and counties have begun taking steps to reopen in hopes to reach some sort of normalcy and Masek plans to do the…
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When to bring in your golf cart

In last weeks post, we talked about great tips and tricks for maintaining a golf car and prolonging its life. But when should you start considering a visit to the shop? As I mentioned last week, an annual inspection is always a great idea for your golf car. It can help catch problems before they…
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Tips and Tricks for a Tip Top Golf Car

How many times would you say that you take your car to the shop within a year? For most people the answer would be 3-6 times a year depending on the amount of usage, whether it is to check oil levels, tire pressure, battery life or any other problems a car might come across. With…
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History of the Golf Car

Golf carts as we know them have been around for several generations, but they weren’t always what we are familiar with today. Where did the origins of the golf car begin? Well the history of the golf car may surprise you. The origin of the golf car began in 1932. A man named Lyman Beecher…
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Golf Carts the Perfect Social Distancing Activity

At this point, I’m sure most of us have heard about the importance of social distancing to stay safe and reduce spread of Covid 19. Standing 6 feet apart has been the main staple point officials have been trying to hit home to all of us, so it get us thinking, what are some activities…
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Our History

   Hello and welcome to Masek’s first blog post! For a better picture of our company, we wanted to fill you in on how Masek became what it is today. Masek Rocky Mountain Golf Cars is now a full service distributor for utility cars, luxury golf cars and custom golf cars, while also having a…
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Flexible Fleet Options:

Masek Golf Cars of Colorado has access to some of the BEST fleet financing options in the business! Are you looking to save money? Thinking of a used fleet that looks great and gets your players from Hole #1 to Hole #18 consistently? Contact us about our Used-Fleet-Flexi-Lease!

Yamaha Factory Financing

Yamaha offers a “Factory Finance” card to individuals. The card enables the holder to take advantage of various offers and special promotions across a wide range of Yamaha products, including golf cars. Factory Financing normally requires no down payment. You can provide one if you like, to reduce your financed amount, but it is not necessary.