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Redesigned in house by our amazing service department, these cars are the perfect option for the person looking for a new cart on a budget. Our Crossovers come stock with Headlights, Tail lights, New batteries, Windshield, Horn, 10, black tires and energy gauge. These cars are completely customize-able with tons of accessories available

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All These Features Included!


All-New Body

Brand New Batteries

New Headlights and Tail Lights

New Installed Horn

USB Ports

A windshield

An Energy gauge

10″ Tires

Masek Warranty

Customizable Options

How They’re Made

New Car – Great Price

All of our current Crossovers begin from a fleet of used Yamaha cars. They begin there journey when they hit the shop where the old bodies and seats are removed.

Rebuilt And Refurbished

All Crossovers are completely dismantled and thoroughly washed to remove any excess build up or debris. Electrical and Mechanical processes within the car are also checked for any malfunctions.

New Electronics

 Electronics are upgraded within the car. Headlights and Tail lights are added to the new body. In addition to USB ports and an energy gauge being added to the dash.

Finished Product

Once completed you have a new car for the old price. We have tons of accessories available to make it your own, so make sure to check them out and take home your Crossover PTV.